R.A.S.A. Registration Form

As a member of Richmond Amateur Sports Association, participating in an event sponsored by RASA in a Department of Education facility, you are a guest, and we expect you to act responsibly and appropriately at all times. There are a few important policies that you need to be aware of and abide by to make our stay in the schools a more pleasant experience for you and everyone else using the facility.

  1. It is your responsibility  to register as a member of the organization to participate in any trainings and/or practices for insurance purposes.
  2. Water is the only permitted drink inside the facilities.
  3. Parents are not permitted to stay in the building during training and/or practices.
  4. It is your responsibility to safeguard any equipment and leave with any equipment or clothes you bring into the facility.
  5. Restrooms should only be utilized for bathroom and there is no loitering in hallways or bathrooms during the time you train and/or practice.
  6. You are responsible to discard any water bottles you bring into training.
I have read and understand the policies in place for me to maintain my membership in Richmond Amateur Sports Association and I understand I may lose my membership if I fail to adhere to these policies.

Membership fee is non-refundable and will remain active only if you adhere to the aforementioned policies 

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